History of the Telephone

Phones have changed significantly since the day the first phones was used by Alexandar Graham Bell on March 10th 1876. They have really improved since then. However, the road was not always smooth for the phones. Here is a look at how the phones as evolved from the late 1800s;

The original phone

The original phone is the one that was used by Alexandar Graham Bell on March 10th 1876. Graham managed to call his assistant to tell him that he wanted to see him. He received the first patent for a telephone. Although there are few other people who claim to be the true inventors often telephones, Graham is recognized as the inventor of telephones.


The candlestick was a very popular phone from the 1890s to early 1930s. The candlestick was a simple phone that was separated into two pieces. The candlestick part had the mouth piece. The receiver had to be placed on the ear when one was receiving or making a phone call. The candle stick died out in the 1930s when manufacturers discovered that they could combine the receiver and the mouthpiece into one unit. This new design was better in terms of design and ease of use.


As the name suggests, you needed to rotate the dial to the number you wanted and then release it when you wanted to make a call. These phones were very popular for a long time. It was a little tedious to use these phones. Phones with push buttons quickly replaced the rotary phones in the 1960s and 1970s.

Push button

These phones allowed the users to use a simple keypad to dial the numbers that they wanted to call. Each key on the keypad would transmit a certain frequency that made the operator know the number that one intends to call. These phones were so much better than the rotary phones. However, they were vulnerable to spoofing. People could use blue boxes to make long distance calls for free.

Answering machine

The answering machine helped a lot to change people’s behavior. It allowed the caller to leave a message when there was no one to answer a phone call. These phone accessories were not popular initially. They became popular in the 1960s. Originally cassette tapes were used to record the messages. Later on, the cassette tapes were replaced by digital answering machines. Today, people use their cell phones’ voicemail.

Portable phones

The first portable phones made it possible for people to use their phones anywhere. They no longer needed to be attached to a base station. Potable phones became very popular in the 1980s. Initially, they allowed people to talk from any part of their houses. Today’s portable phones allow people to communicate from literally anywhere in the world – from a Villa in Cancun to a storm shelter in Springfield, MO, to a Starbucks in Tokyo. The Motorola DynaTAC 8000X was the first commercially available portable phone. It was released in 1984. Many mobile phones have been developed since. Mobile phones have been getting better and better. Today, people have smartphones. The first smartphone, the iPhone was introduced by Apple in 2007. The first ever Android phone, the HTC Dream was launched in October 2008. Smartphones make it possible for people to do things that could only be done on computers on their phones.


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